Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Guest Blog:TRX Journal, Part Deux: What to expect when you miss a workout

Well, I’ve been trying to find a way to approach the topic of how to recover…not from an intense, muscle-shredding workout at Motivate, but from the guilt of missing one. I have missed several during this six-week span of TRX classes, and here’s why: blah, blah, blah. Yep, everyone misses a workout once in a while, and everyone has good excuses. Life happens, to all of us, regardless of the kind of job we have, the number of children we have, or how far we live from our workout destination. So I’ll spare you the details of why my workout regimen has been blown to smithereens lately and get right to the meat of the matter: I plan to never miss the safety of my 10 a.m. workout again.

And the reason is, Dominic is even more of a go-getter in the evening, and by go-getter, I mean total loon-atic. As if TRX combined with Tabata wasn’t challenging enough, he threw “stations” into the mix, so we took turns rotating around the room doing a variety of moves with names like, “squats under a fence,” and “walking plank.” Ow, ow, owieeeeeeeeee.

Then, he sent us outside for a quick lap around the parking lot. Was I being punished for missing my mid-morning class and bringing the whole class down with me? Or was this just “Evening Dominator?”

What I truly wish I could do is get to the 6 a.m. class, and this summer, I may just go back to it. For me, getting my workout in before the heat of the day starts is a big deal. For many years, I was an early-morning workout person all year-round. It was truly like having an extra day built into my day. I loved the feeling of walking back into the house at 7 a.m. and having my work-out totally off my plate for the day. My real day was literally just starting, and my workout was done. So last Sunday night, when I realized that I had a doctor appointment Monday during my regular TRX class, I had a choice to make: 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. I chose 6 p.m., just for the heck of it. Wow. Little did I know that the Dominator really comes alive as the sun goes down.

Results: They’re Gonna be Huuuuge!
Now in week 5 of this TRX 6-week class, I’m noticing a different flow in the workout that was missing in the first week or two. Now, when Dominic says, “On the floor and put your toes in,” I know what to expect. I roll over, assume the position, and prepare to plank. The key is anticipating what is coming next. Because I am getting more familiar with how we do the exercises, and how to make them more challenging (just a step or two back to increase that angle during a “low row” makes a helluva lot of difference) I am finding that transitioning between exercises is smoother and easier because I know what I’m about to do, how my body will react, and which cuss words are most appropriate. And I’m seeing increasingly more muscle tone where once, there was…less. It’s subtle, but it’s real. My husband noticed my shoulders the other day and said something about it. My daughter told us to get a room.

Next week is the last in this six-week session. I will not, I cannot, I shall not miss my Monday, Wednesday, or my Friday 10 a.m. class. But if I do, I’ll sneak into the 6 a.m. class if I have to stand outside the door and follow along.  

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