Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Welcome to Motivate Personal Fitness Academy Website!

Finally, my new website is ready! Check it out here: Motivate Personal Fitness

As we approach our 1-year anniversary in December, I'm happy to be tying up some loose ends, such as getting this website finished, adding some new certifications to my resume and mainly, working with a great staff and growing list of truly dedicated clients.

Take a look around the website. We'll be adding a few more links at the bottom of the homepage, so if you have a cool health and fitness, or healthy eating website (or just a fun blog), let me know.

My goal (I'm trying to get a head start right now!) for this blog in 2016 and beyond is to post about three to four times a month. You'll find everything from more in-depth explanations of what we do at Motivate (TRX, Tabata, yoga, etc.) to tips for specific fitness goals, challenges and frequently asked questions.

With that, I'll leave you with our newly crafted motto, that I think can apply to any person, regardless of ability or fitness level:

"It isn't about where you begin, it's about where you're going, getting there safely, and having fun!"

One more thing! Get ready for the New Year and Holiday Season now: When you have a productive day and you're feeling you're best, think about what you ate that morning, or even the day before. Was it healthy? Could that be the reason you felt good and had a lot of energy? What about exercise? Did that "great" day include exercise on the previous day, or that same morning? If so, keep doing it! When you find foods or exercise habits that work for you, make a mental note of them. Start picturing yourself heading into 2016 having more "great" days in a week or month than you have right now. Keep up the practices that work for you. Be willing to adjust to make them work.

Remember, no person has a perfectly organized and balanced life. Keep making as many good choices as you can when you eat; keep squeezing in time for exercise, even if it's yoga or pushups during your favorite TV show right on the floor of your living room, or getting up an hour early a couple days a week for some strength training at the gym or better yet, in a TRX class at Motivate! Soon, the good choices will outnumber the not-so-good choices, and those "great" days will be commonplace.

Happy almost-Thanksgiving and don't forget to stop by our 1st Anniversary Open House on Saturday, Dec 5! Raffle prizes, demos, and more! Bring a friend for new sign-up discounts.

See you soon!


  1. Awesome! Great blog, Dom! See you on Monday!

  2. Very cool.. ive lost 3lbs and can move better since I started your 6 am morning class.. thanks..

  3. Another exciting venture...I look forward to another positive experience from Motivate. Thank you Dominic and the Motivate Team.